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In link love his week you’ll find a focus on all things comment and inspiration related, specifically inspiration with a writng slant though you’ll probably find the advice useful regardless of what your creative poison is. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks for this week.

12 Vital Tips and Tools to Combat Comment Spam in WordPress

This is a comprehensive guide to managing spam on your WordPress blog. If like me you dread logging into your admin screen and wading through your spam section knee deep in viagra and nude celebrities then this is the post for you. It’s filled with great practical tips and tools that you can get started with straight away, written in plain english and very thorough while still being easy to read.


It Isn’t Enough…

A quick reminder, from Josh over at the world’s strongest librarian, about going big. It’s not enough to just excel in one area. We are all the sum of all our experiences this is a quick reminder that perhaps some of those things we’re proud of are really holding us back.

Free Speech in Online Communities: The Delusion of Entitlement

Steve Pavlina has a very enjoyable rant about those gentleman and ladies who believe freedom of speech is idiot insurance. You know the guys who show up in your blog or forum and think that they can have a go at everyone behind the cover of freedom of speech. Take some time and let Steve explain to you why right of admission needs to be reserved.


Why You Should Stop Waiting for Inspiration

An excellent post on Write to done about just getting stuck in. We all have those days where we just seem to have no fuel left in the tank. We just can’t get down to the work of writing. This is a nice reminder that if you want to be a writer all you need to do is write. Hit one key then the next, then the next …


Slaying Writer Dragons: Epic Skill #1, Mental Prowess

You will defeat the bunny. I stand under correction but this may be the first time in recorded blogging history that these words have been uttered in the blogosphere. Men with Pens have a look at how to reduce your mental clutter and increase the quality your down time and ways of using it to supercharge your writing.

Things I wish I knew and did when first started blogging

This post is by Robert Bravery a fellow South African. All the bloggers out there will tell you how painful those first few months of blogging are, not too mention how hard it is when once you’ve started it you hit that hump. This a great comprehensive look at the nuts and bolts of starting out as a blogger and keeping it ticking over once you’ve begun. A nice checklist for those starting out or those who may have lost there way.

I’ll spend some time weekly pointing you to articles i’ve enjoyed it’s nice to be nice!

Should I quit Blogging In this post Darren Rowse tackles the now common question of is blogging dead, and tells it like it is, the market has just gotten tougher, blogging as an industry and culture is evolving not dying.

The most powerful way to get unstuck Leo the Zen master is still in Japan and in his absence Jonathon Mead has done an admirable job of delivering high quality content. This thoroughly enjoyable post asks the question should I do it rather than how should I do it. An interesting post that will make you re-think your comfort zone today.

Your wealthy Avatar Steve Pavlina draws interesting parallals to between multiplayer world and real life and gives examples of the limiting nature of scarcitiy thinking in game situations and leaving the reader to make the connection with real life situations

Rewriting your Writing the always entertaing men with pens give us some writing tips to improve our writing using existing copy.

I was reminded this morning, while reading about how to Make Scary Big Stuff Happen by the very informative Men With Pens, of the importance of occasionally just putting your head down and grafting.

I’ve decided to celebrate ten as a an achievement after reading 9 First step Goals for New Bloggers. The time since I started this site has been extremely  busy and I’m very proud of having been able to get through all of it still standing and head high. This is my second incarnation of Monetize and this is a project I am quite sincere about. I would love nothing more than to add value to your lives. With this in Mind I’m taking my time working toward the milestones but most of all I’m having fun. It’s pretty clear when a writer is phoning it in. I started out writing for myself and in a very real way I still am. I write because it is something I love doing. I write because I believe that the power of words can transform lives. Up until now I’ve found that I run out of steam on my blogs at this stage. The help I’ve been getting through twitter and the blogs I’ve subscribed to leave me in awe at the ability the guys out there blogging for love and money and if anything I’m more energised than I was on day one. I feel myself annoyed when I need to tweak my layout and can’t spend time on my content.

Ten posts are only a drop in he ocean but if I’ve learnt anything so far it’s that despite the mental coaxing and the willpower calisthenics that my lazy brain sometimes requires when writing seems like hard work perhaps this is not the work for you. My blog is called Monetize and it’s only partly tongue in cheek. It’s about realizing, how much you earn is secondary to the legacy you create. When you spend the value you build in your life on others you will find the value return ten fold.

My Favourite Posts so far:

Having said all of that I would be no where without the help of my best friends who don’t know my name. The bloggers whose words I feed on daily and whose advice has helped me improve more than I dreamed in such a short time.

So here’s Darren Rowse’s list from

  • Publish 10 Posts
  • Getting your first comment from someone you don’t know
  • Get your first link from another blog
  • Build your readership up to more than 20 readers a day
  • Hit a level of 20 RSS subscribers
  • Getting your blog indexed in Google
  • Get your blog earning $1 a week (update: only if making money from your blog is one of your goals – it’s not for everyone
  • First guest post on another blog
  • Having someone (not you or your mum) tweet about your blog
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