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The second edition of my Friday link love, this week made for some truly enjoyable reading as it was packed full of practical advice. one of my favourites was the guide to google analytics very informative.

9 Ways to use Google Calender to be your money – Trent over at the simple dolllar discusses how he uses Google calender to organize his finances. I’m a very recent convert to Google calender and have so far only been using it to organize my writing and design projects. Trent adds some very useful tips to keep your money goals on track.

The 20 something Coupon clipper – I Will Teach You To Be Rich’s Money Diaries look at a typical 20 something so busy doing the wrong things she has no time to realize it.

Building Credibility – Darren Rowse at Problogger discusses building up Credibility on your blog but the results can be applied to most any situation where you’re selling yourself as a product. Perhaps something interesting to think about before your next job interview. Also see 9 First Step Goals for New Bloggers this post got me so excited I made my first Comment on Problogger :-)

Create your own handwriting font – Productivity 501 looks at the advantages of digitizing your handwriting. This is one of those decisions that you’ll need to mull over a bit, however if you under the right circumstances it could save you tons of time.

A guide to Google Analytics: A must read for anyone wanting to start a blog or website. I’ve already saved this to my reference folder and it’s perfect for the beginner as well as those of us who thought we knew it all.


Beat Writers Block

The most common problem amongst writers? Writer’s block! Writer’s block is described as everything from the work of the divine to a medical condition. So what is writer’s block? How do we get Writer’s block? How do I beat writer’s block and most importantly how do I avoid writer’s block?

Writer’s Block is a Myth

Writer’s block is a myth, a label for a society in love with labels. Even in the depths of supposed writer’s block I could get 10 words out of any of you! All I’d need would be a hot poker (grins evilly) Point I’m trying to make is with the right motivation writer’s block would be a thing of the past. If I asked you, while you languished in the pits of writer’s block hell, to write about the history of your cat or importance of understanding the offside rule or why Friends was the greatest cultural event of the 90’s I bet your cup would be overflowing. These are subjects that you know inside out and the words would likely pour forth from you like one liners from Chandler.

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