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What is Refocus:

Refocus is a great productivity tool which I think will prove quite useful as a goal tracking tool, keeping my motivation levels up during the course of my busy professional and social  life. The Refocus goal tracking tool is aimed at tracking the actions that you’ve taken during the week across your personal, social and professional goals. This is an excellent paper based goal tracking tool that can easily be organized into your daily life.

As with all goal tracking tools the biggest barrier is finding a way to integrate the tool with your busy work and social life. As life becomes more and more demanding it is critical that your tools fit your life. Goals need to be internalized and integrated easily.


This is a paper based goal tracking tool. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but for me Goals, goal tracking and prioritising for my life and work have never left the realm of the paper and pen. There is something truly rewarding in the hard slog of writing and re-writing, scribbling notes in the margin and doodling while the creative juices flow as you pen your goals and goal tracking strategy. When it comes to Goal setting and goal tracking I like to have the flexibility to engage my whole mind and nothing does that for me better than some low-tech pen and paper based tools.

Download the WhiteHateBlackbox Refocus tool

  • Life Hacker also recommends the Day Grid Balancer goal tracking tool and organizer for your paper based goal tracking.

If you’re not as technophobic as I am when it comes to your Goal capture, Goal tracking and review then perhaps try some of these online Goal tracking Tools:

  • Joes Goals an online goal tracking tool with a very simple interface allowing quick updates on the go
  • 43 Things is a social bookmarking type site where you can track and share your goals with anyone interested
  • LifeTango is similar to 43 things a is social bookmarking and goal tracking site allowing you to be part of a community of likeminded goalers
  • Getgoaling is a really slick goal tracking tool that lets you put together a detailed goal tracking schedule which you can update as you progress.
  • StiKk is a goal tracking tool that lets you set up contracts where you can outline objectives timelines rewards etc.
  • For niche goals try FitDay a tool for helping you with your fitness goals
  • Wesabe is a goal tracking tool for your financial goals

Evernote is primarily a note taking tool but could very easily be adapted to keep track of your goals and someday/maybe type lists. Evernote Review, How I use Evernote

Also see: How to use Evernote and GTD for setting and achieving goals and objectives

The WhiteHatBlackbox site seems to be down for the foreseeable future so in the interim visit -> DiyPlanner Refocus tool for more information on the tool.

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We’re going to attack 2010 and our objectives for 2010 head on. Quite possibly you’ve tried to reach your objectives before. You’ve probably spent tons of time online and reading about those goals you want to achieve. In this first step we will tackle all those bits from previous failures to launch you’ve had and start corraling the information you have at hand in Evernote while using some Getting things Done (GTD) ideas.

This first post will be the shortest in my series. The purpose of this step is just to set up a trusted GTD system of collection in Evernote as well as collecting all the information you already have amassed which will assist you in achieving your goals and objectives with ease.Collection

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