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People want change in their lives. We all want to achieve our goals and feel that focus in our daily lives. We all want to live longer happier richer goal focused lives. We all feel that need to fulfill that purpose that only you and I were placed on this earth to perform.

Goal Disposal

During the course of every single day, you and I each have 24 hours at our disposal and most of us do dispose of it! We send the carcass of each day off with meat still hanging off the bones. The next morning we wake up, moaning and groaning that yesterday just wasn’t satisfying. To quote Moose of that lovable Archie and his gang, “Duh!”. If you have 24 hours and you use none of them to get closer to your goals, your passion or that burning desire which drives you, guess what, you’re not going to get any closer to it. Get rid of all hope. Abandon all your dreams you are stuck with your current life for better or worse.


Try is nothing

‘Try is nothing, do or do not’ was originally uttered by that great philosopher Yoda and it’s wisdom has stuck with me for as long as I’ve started trying to accumulate wisdom. Now I put this up as my Gtalk status recently and got some nasty nasty comments. This mentality that trying is enough I find quite amusing. Try to my mind is a utterly and depressingly disempowering word. Try unpacks the power of my action and unloads it at the doorstep of fate and fortune. Try is self-defeating it allows the possibility of failure in. It’s a weak verb that sparks weak action.

Do or Do not

The most important reason for me, try is not enough! Unlike conventional wisdom suggests it’s not good enough to try. Trying to be a blogger is not the same as being a blogger. Trying to spend within your budget is not the same as staying within your budget. Only in our minds is trying enough. The real world doesn’t care that you’re trying to lose weight or trying to write a novel. We are judged by our actions. When we try something and it doesn’t work we need to try something else that’s what doing is about. Doing is knowing that trying is part of a process not the process. When we do we commit to do, we commit to the outcome of doing not the process.

When you focus on your goals do try everything you possibly can and don’t stop till you Do achieve your goal


I’ve lost some of that reserve of energy I had. It is just so easy to be over run by the comfort and the routine but I’ve decided to stop. Yeah that’s right I’ve just decided to stop it in it’s tracks. That’s the beauty of it there are far more things in the world that will scare skid marks into your shorts than comfortable things. That’s probably why our minds hang onto those moments of comfort for so long, foregoing new experiences for the allure of unchanging blissful mediocrity.

If you want real and lasting change and deeply fulfilling life you’ve got to put yourself out there! You have to roll up your sleeves. I’ve learnt very little in my years on earth but I have learnt that fear exists only in your mind. Once you start with the doing your body gets involved very quickly catapults you through that layer of fear and excitement adrenaline and instinct take over. We are all survivors. We are all powerful. Thinking drains us of that power. Thinking stops us at the gate makes us doubt, makes us try when we should be doing. It makes us give up before when we’re moments from our goal.

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