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Web ClippingThe Evernote screenshot feature has definitely raced to the top of my list of reasons for using Evernote. The business world has been using screenshots extensively for years though. So as the world becomes more and more suspicious of the guy two cubicles down so the ability to prove what we’ve been up to is more important now than ever. or my dodgy wallpaper.

Before I go on if you’re extra observant you’ll see that all my blog posts are now available for PDF download. (There is a link at the end of each post) In case you’re one of those odd people who like hard copies of things or you’d like to save them in Evernote without having to clip a screenshot. Or having it look like plain text in evernote.

The way it was

Now prior to Evernote gtting a business friendly Screen shot was a multi-step process that just slowed down the process of cranking through the email inbox. Traditionally it would go something like this:

  • hit the Prt-Scr button
  • Ctrl-V in your *image editor
  • Crop your image
  • Save as an image
  • Attach

* I know most of the nice email editors have an image editor for your screen shots and I know the editing can be done in the email editor. The point is it still needs to be done and a lot of people use Gmail so there.

While the Evernote Pc application is running hitting the print screen key will bring up a little undocked window and some crawling ants to be manipulated. Move the ants around until you’ve selected the area of the screen you want to clip and Hey presto you’re done. You now have a clipped screenshot of only the area of the screen you chose.

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