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Evernote Review: The best Online note taking and organisation tool

Your days of struggling to deal with the modern information overload is over. This article is an Evernote Review but it is also an invitation for y0u to break free and from and clear your life of the mess and clutter that the online and offline world has become.

I'm a data analyst, an article writer, blogger, Wing Tsun student, boyfriend to my lovely Cheryl, movie lover, trainer and amateur web designer. Being all things to all people generates a lot of mental clutter not too mention mountains of paper on my desk at work and at the office.

My journey into using Evernote for note capturing to writing this Evernote review has been a long and rewarding one. I can say without hesitation this Evernote Review is probably the most positive review I've written and sadly they're not even paying me to write it. So before I continue let me say I don't love their colour scheme. So there,  now I've said something negative about the product.

I'm not one to write reviews, however recently I had a good laugh at my pre-evernote self and felt like I should pay it forward.

Evernote Review: Evernote logo

What is Evernote?

Evernote is hard to explain but easy to profit from. Evernote is basically an online space for you to capture, store and review your notes. While writing the Evernote Review I was reminded again of how impressively long the list of ways their are to interact with Evernote is:

  • Use the Evernote Website
  • Use the Evernote Application for PC or Mac
  • Use the Evernote Wap site
  • Send tweets to @myEN
  • Email your notes to your unique Evernote mailbox
  • Use the mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone there is also an unsupported Symbian App

There is no need to change the way you work one of the tools you currently use probably already supports Evernote.

Evernote Premium

Evernote comes in two flavors free and premium. I have not tried Evernote Premium version during this Evernote Review but it offers the power Evernote user:

  • more space to store information
  • faster text recognition from image notes
  • stronger security
  • the ability to share notebooks for collaboration

During my Evernote review I have found the free version of Evernote extremely feature rich and you don't really have to upgrade, though I'd like to in the near future, if I use it as much as I expect I will. Not because I have to but it's nice to contribute when you find a really useful product like Evernote.

Evernote Collaboration

This Evernote review focuses on the free version but the strength of the Evernote Premium version seems to be in the arena of online collaboration. You can allow other Evernote users access to notebooks and review or even edit these shared notebooks. Not only can it be used to review shared Evernote notebooks.  Users can actually collaborate online reviewing and editing the same document in real-time on the site or via the Evernote desktop application. During my Evernote Review I found the application ideal for the individual note taking. If you want to extend these benefits to your team you’ll need to upgrade to Evernote Premium.

Text Recognition in Images

One of the really nifty features i found in my Evernote review is that you can finally start treating all your notes the same. Whether it's a blog post you've saved from your browser or it's a picture you've taken of the cover of a book in a bookstore. Evernote can save it for you. Evernote can extract text from images, this means you can search for text amongst your Evernote image “notes”. Very innovative use of the now ancient OCR technology. If this isn't impressive enough I found out during my Evernote review Evernote  even recognizes handwriting in pictures.

Evernote Review: Evernote logo

Slick Interface

During my Evernote Review I found the website very simple for note taking and it keeps the tools you need easily at hand. It is lightning quick, really it is, everything about Evernote is slick and efficient.   Once on the Evernote site you have the option to set up multiple notebooks to organize and review your thoughts as you capture them. Once you start you can add tags and edit attributes to help organize everything about your Evernote Notebooks and that's about that. When you're looking to simplify your life the last thing you need is big fiddly solutions with millions of options as I've found during my Evernote Review this is simply a note taking application that takes the hell out of notes.

Multi-Platform support makes Evernote ultra mobile

Added to all of this web goodness there's free Evernote desktop, Evernote iphone, Evernote windows mobile and Evernote OSX software. I found these applications as one of the highlights during my Evernote Review, allowing you to work offline, review and organize your Evernote notebooks and sync your Evernote web notes on the go. This means you are not at mercy of the Evernote website or connectivity when you are mobile. This desktop software also integrates with your browser and Microsoft Outlook allowing you to right-click on a web page you'd like to review later and add it to your Evernote Notebooks or allowing you to add an e-mail or attachment to your notes with one click. Have a Symbian phone, want to use Evernote? Use the  Evernote wap site and review your Evernote Notebooks there or capture new notes on the go. If for some reason none of these options are appealing to you, you also have a dedicated e-mail address, send a mail to it and it will automatically get added to your default  Evernote notebook to be reviewed at your leisure.

This Evernote review was originally blogged by myself, writing as MikeZilla and that Evernote Review is now updated here

Evernote Review: Program Download Links:

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If you're serious about stress free productivity you should seriously consider using Evernote in conjunction with Getting things Done (GTD)

Evernote, getting you down?

Master Evernote in one day and take control of Your Desk, with Evernote Essentials

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