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Evernote to flip the lid on July 14th?

According the Evernote blog announcement, we need to prepare ourselves, come the 14th of July

We’re making an announcement about something new. Something we’ve been working on for a little while. Something that will change the way you interact with Evernote, and, maybe even, change how you think about Evernote.

Speculation is rife about the Evernote blog announcement about what July 14th will bring. So what is the evernote announcement on the 14th July going to be? This is my personal Evernote wishlist :) none of which will end up being the July 14th Surprise no doubt.

What’s in the July 14th box?

  • CSS support for web clippings? Please please please, let this be the announcement I love Evernote however in 2010 I still find it frustrating that when I clip a site for later reading I lose all the formatting. This is probably everyone’s biggest gripe with Evernote and hopefully come July 14th we’ll all have good reason to shout “suck it” to the Evernote detractors who’ve been point to this as a deal breaker for years now.
  • An improved web interface, now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate the Evernote website however the Evernote application has come along in leaps and bounds with Evernote 3.5 really hitting the mark and sadly leaving the Evernote web interface in it’s dust. Perhaps July 14th will bring us beefed up editor interface and integrate the shared folders better.
  • Integration to 3rd party apps perhaps? I’d love to log into Evernote on the 14th of July and see the option of linking up with my google calender or gmail via API. Evernote is  great as is however integration with 3rd party apps would mean a complete office solution. Including your contacts and emails and everything else in your Evernote system.
  • A Linux version, please please please. I use Ubuntu on my home PC and it’s really frustrating that I can’t work offline. Looking at it’s geeky target market, namely me, no Linux support really doesn’t make much sense. Maybe if we wish hard it’ll be in the box on the 14th July?
  • A time management module? Perhaps some kind of to-do and task scheduling component. I’m not sure if this is the direction Evernote are headed in but it certainly would change the way we use Evernote.
  • Free Personal robot or android to capture all our notes into Evernote for us, please please please could it look like a mini elephant so we can make it run away from the pc's mouse?
  • Positive re-inforcement via chocolate deposited into our Evernote shared folders
  • Evernote TV? Will Evernote announce that we can finally clip the best bits of our favourite television shows for later perusal?
  • An evernote affilliate program? Please let Evernote announce that I will get $1 for every note captured by a user I referred, I'd be a millionaire by now.
  • A paper based version of Evernote, perhaps called an Evernote Notebook?
  • Handy apps we can add to Evernote to track our finances and everything else, that way we can be depressed about a much wider range of things we haven't gotten round to.

All in all this is all speculation about the announcement and we all have things we’d love to see added or changed in Evernote. One way or another there’s going to be a big party on the 14th July which means something game-changing is coming on the back of this announcement.

What do you think the Evernote announcement will be?

July 14 Evernote Announcement update:

Evernote Trunk is here, Evernote unveil a fully featured application store that provides application integration withing Evernote. Evernote trunk promises to change the face of Evernote forever with addition itegration with platforms like SAP as well as improved group functionality and the opportunity for publishers to publish magazines via "branded notebooks"

Evernote July 14th announcement Event Details

If you want to go to the Evernote anouncement event on July 14th here’s the details:

July 14th, 6pm – 9pm
111 Minna in San Francisco [map]


RSVP today to get a free ticket. We will be charging at the door, so make sure to pre-register.

For Evernote See also:

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