Evernote and GTD by Dan Gold

Dan Gold has written probably the most comprehensive, and if not the most useful, guide to implementing in using Evernote to GTD as simply as possible. have a look at it now!

Best Evernote GTD tutorial on the Web

Thanks to Dan for sending me a review copy!! – Full Review on it’s way

There’s hours worth of information on the internet about GTD and Evernote too. However setting up Evernote GTD has become something of the holy grail of personal productivity. Evernote GTD is so sought after for a number of reasons but the two main ones are obvious:

GTD works for processing all your “stuff”

Evernote LogoGTD by David Allen was a life saver for everyone because it wasn’t a system that worked under very special conditions. GTD is an always on system that processes everything you need it too. GTD is indiscriminate if it finds it’s way into your atmosphere then it’s going to get processed.
This is the chief allure of setting up Evernote GTD, the completeness of it all. It’s about closing all the loops and completely putting your trust in Evernote GTD to keep your head above water.

Evernote is Everywhere you and your phone is

Evernote’s major strength lies in it’s portability. There’s an Evernote app for every platform. (except Symbian :( which has left me dependent on the mobile website) Evernote GTD is intriguing for this simple reason it’s always on and ready to accept information. Not near your computer, email it from your phone, tweet a note to yourself via @EN on twitter. Wap site, web site, mobile client, desktop clients you just can’t get away from evernote. Probably the only way you can’t update your notebooks is via carrier pigeon.


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