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Avatar air battle

Ok so if you havn’t already watched Avatar go, do it now!! Avatar was pretty much the most visually wow-inducing movie I’ve ever seen. There’s tons of lessons to be learnt from this movie but the ones I’m looking at today are vision and integrity.

If critics like it, fine. I can’t say I won’t read the reviews, because I may not be able to resist. I spent a couple of decades in the capricious world of being judged by those not knowledgeable about the depth and history of film and with whom I would not want to have a conversation – with a few notable exceptions. Why would I want to be judged by them? For me, this past decade has been about retreating to the great fundamentals, things that aren’t passing fads or subject to the whims of some idiot critic. You can’t write a review of the laws of thermodynamics. James Cameron

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If anything or anyone distresses you, think how you’ll probably feel a week—a month—a year later. If you can imagine yourself being happy and peaceful then, why waste all that time? Be happy and peaceful now!

Swami Kriyananda

A dog has no need of the future. It fully experiences each moment that passes and when it’s passed experiences the next. However a dog cannot exert it’s inner strength and better the lives of dogs everywhere. They cannot re-create there worlds the way they want to.

We can. Yet or inability to master what our canine friends can do leaves us where we are. We struggle with allowing our present to become our past. We re-live our victories afraid we’ll not have any more and we wallow in our miseries afraid of encountering anymore.

Embrace your human endowments travel through time and find yourself where you e would like to be then look ball and realize that the path from where you were now to there can be reached but only if you do anything but what you’re doing now, nothing.

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