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Evernote Tattoo anyone? Evernote Essentials Author Brett Kelly wears his heart on his sleeve

Evernote Tattoo - Evernote Essentials - Brett Kelly

Brett Kelly, author of Evernote Essentials ebook, has owned the "Evernote how-to" niche for almost as long as Evernote has been around. His Evernote manual Evernote Essentials is the seminal text for squeezing all the power you need out of Evernote. Whether you're a novice or an Evernote guru you need Evernote essentials because Brett Kelly knows more than you. That's why the guys over at Evernote gave him a job in 2010. Brett consulted with them while writing Evernote Essentials. The Evernote brains trust were so impressed with the way in which Brett was able to demystify Evernote in Evernote Essentials and make the programs full power available even to newbies who have never used evernote before.

When the Student is ready, the master appears

Buddhist Proverb

Evernote sucks

I had been doing my best to find the best ways to use Evernote. Lots of people have been on this site trying to convince me that Evernote sucks or that Evernote is only good for bookmarks or Evernote is no good as an offline tool or that Evernote can't be used for fitness or goal tracking or capturing reciepts or this or that. I don't really waste my time responding, the guys complaining that Evernote can't Manage their projects or park their car for them have missed the point completely. Evernote is simply a tool. A very powerful and flexible tool but a tool nonetheless. I can use the butt of a saw to knock in a nail but it's probably not the best way to do it. If DevonThink or Springpad or remember the milk works better at certain tasks by all means use them for those things you don't win any extra points for using Evernote for Everything. (though I'm becoming more and more convinced that you can)

Back to the Drawing Board

No I'm not as geeky as this guy, he wrote a whole Evernote essentials book for goodness sake, but I can dream can't I? Now I'm a big lover of Evernote as anyone whose visited my site would know. I've been on and on about why you should use Evernote to organize your life. I've prattled away about why you NEED to read GTD and then cram all the book's knowledge into Evernote and I've regularly ignored my own advice and had to go back to the organization drawing board more than once.

Now I'm pretty okay with my Evernote exploits I do lots of other writing and Evernote and this personal productivity site is more of a tool for me to use than the be all and end all of my life. Brett though has lived and breathed Evernote essentials for so long he's decided to wear his love on his sleeve, so to speak.

Lots of people think tattoos should only be things that are “always” — they want anything indelibly marked on their bodies to be things that describe them as people and definitely not transitive stuff. I disagree. While most of my tattoos deal with things that will always be true about me (family, religion, etc.), I’m a big believer in tattoos as memories, things that meant a great deal to me at a given point in my life — but not necessarily forever.

So, that’s why I got the elephant (courtesy of my insanely talented brother). Given the amount of change in my life over the last year that I owe it, I think it deserves a couple square inches of meat. Don’t you?

Brett Kelly

Evernote Essentials

Brett Kelly is author of Evernote Essentials

Evernote Essentials is over 80 jam-packed pages, full of useful information regarding Evernote. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Understanding all of the various configuration options
  • A detailed overview of the Evernote desktop interface
  • The most comprehensive guide to Evernote’s powerful search capabilities that you’ll find anywhere
  • Best practices for tagging, note and notebook organization and more
  • Tons of sample use cases and ideas for how you can get the most out of Evernote
  • Some of the amazing hardware that works seamlessly with Evernote
  • Much, much more!
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Using the law of Inertia to achieve your goals

Fight the fear with momentum

So as I sit back in my swivelly chair the smell of coffee filling my nostrils, I'm too scared to reach across and pick the damn cup up. Each time I do I get 2 dozen bolts of pain shooting back and forth across my chest and head. Thursday evening I was elbowed in the chest, a blow that through my protective vest felt like a baseball bat hitting me in the sternum. I took a finger to the face and knuckle to the lip. What a great evening.

This was my first evening of Wing tsun class and I'm really glad I went but as it always happens there was a moment earlier in the evening that could have saved me this ordeal.

Having screwed up the directions to my first kung fu lesson, I sat in my car with my phone in my hand considering my options. My mind was set on going home the moment it realized that I was in the wrong place. I had my out, the reason to go back to the comfort of my flat and climb back behind my monitor. I could always try again next week. I knew I was lying to myself. "If not now then when?" that question is the one that came to me at that moment. If not now, when?

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Uses for Evernote Screenshot screen clipping

Web ClippingThe Evernote screenshot feature has definitely raced to the top of my list of reasons for using Evernote. The ability to take a screenshot has long been a staple of the business world. As distrustful as the world is there's always need to prove what we've been up too. Now more often than not I want to share a bit of my screen and not the list of tabs I have open.

Before I go on if you're extra observant you'll see that all my blog posts are now available for PDF download. (There is a link at the end of each post) In case you're one of those odd people who like hard copies of things or you'd like to save them in Evernote without having to clip a screenshot. Or having it look like plain text in evernote.

The way it was

Now prior to Evernote gtting a business friendly Screen shot was a multi-step process that just slowed down the process of cranking through the email inbox. Traditionally it would go something like this:

  • hit the Prt-Scr button
  • Ctrl-V in your *image editor
  • Crop your image
  • Save as an image
  • Attach

* I know most of the nice email editors have an image editor for your screen shots and I know the editing can be done in the email editor. The point is it still needs to be done and a lot of people use Gmail so there.

While the Evernote Pc application is running hitting the print screen key will bring up a little undocked window and some crawling ants to be manipulated. Move the ants around until you've selected the area of the screen you want to clip and Hey presto you're done. You now have a clipped screenshot of only the area of the screen you chose.

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nsinvalidargumentexception While using Evernote on iPhone and iPad

I've had a number of questions about the nsinvalidargumentexception error message from subscribers using Evernote on their iPod touch. I've had a look around the internet and essentially nsinvalidargumentexception is an error message more common of the Mac OSX operating system indicating something buggy in your program or runtime environment. Which is geek speek for "it's broken".
Getting the nsinvalidargumentexception error message on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while syncing seems to be the most common problem I'm seeing around the web. Despite my best efforts there is very little on the net about the nsinvalidargumentexception problem. Your best bet as it stands should you get the nsinvalidargumentexception when using Evernote on your iPhone or iPad is:

  • Restart the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Evernote iPhone or iPad application loaded
  • If you have the most up to date version of the iPhone or iPad Evernote app and it's still not working try completely uninstalling the application and re-installing it
  • If all else fails Contact Evernote support

Edit: After scanning the twitter I've noticed a few twitter users are reporting that uninstalling and then re-installing the application has fixed the  nsinvalidargumentexception problem on iPhones.

If anyone has had this nsinvalidargumentexception problem while using Evernote on their iPhone please let us know what's worked for you to get your Evernote back up and running.

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