Michael Fletcher @ Monetize Your Life

Michael Fletcher @ Monetize Your Life

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Monetize is my personal development space my aim is to share the information I use to help you improve your life.

Monetize is one of my many labors of blog love. I believe thoroughly that we all have the ability to achieve whatever we want. We have unlimited power, and it’s tied to those 24 hours we’re given each day.

In broad terms the only real difference between me and you is the way I choose to spend my time each day. I choose to be positive, perhaps you do to. I choose to believe in the goodness of my fellow man, maybe you do too.

I believe that my time is as valuable as the richest man on earth. I believe that if I spend my valuable time on my goals, I can’t help but achieve them. I have started my journey if any of my beliefs resonate with you join me as  I help you discover all the ways you are already wealthy.
Monetize is not about Adsense or affiliates though I’ll discuss it at times Monetize is about find the fire inside you and developing habits that keep it stoked. Shortcuts that minimize the time needed to get up to temperature and leave you feeling warm an fulfilled.
Money is not the be all and end all of our lives and I don’t recommend living your life as if it is. When you think of your life like a business and your goals like profit though you’ll unlock a rich new framework for decision making and your life will automatically become simpler and you’ll start adding value to the life that matters most, yours.
When your life improves you automatically are able to improve the lives of others. You have the freedom to participate in activities that are important to you and contribute in the areas of your life that bring you happiness.

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