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<div xmlns:cc="" about=""><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href= There is a warmth to candlelight a warmth that’s has been counteracted in the 21st century. The cold calculated face of technology has stolen that warmth from us. We have light but Somewhere along the way we lost the wonder of light, the glow of candlelight the sound of silence competing with natures orchestra.

I was reminded of my love for that warmth and the sound of that silence last week when some genius in a Coca Cola truck flattened a fairly important pole down the road from me. Plunged into darkness I found myself free. Free from the temptation of the television, free of the drone of the technology, my apartment walls looking a alive as the shadows crept up and down the walls as if chased by the candlelight.

I ended up reading most of the evening in the silence time seemed to be feeling a bit soppy and enveloped me and instead of running away from me as it’s been known to do, we proceeded through the evening in a sweet embrace. For once I didn’t feel rushed or anxious. Technology withdrew and calm descended in the space it left behind.

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Bye bye '09At the end of a strange year even by my standards, I found myself proverbially flipping through the pages of this blog and looking back on all the posts of 2009. I forget sometimes how random the frothing rantings of a mad man can seem.

I hope you guys found some entertainment and hopefully a helpful idea or passage from time to time, reading all these posts now is strangely personal. It’s very much like a journal of the year, each post reminding me of a year that has been. A full stop in the paragraph that is my life.

This blogging business can’t help but be personal. The more I look at the time I spend and the record I’m leaving, I know that this blog will become a pillar for me in 2010. We get out what we put into our work. I plan to achieve a lot on this blog in 2010 and in return am steeling myself for a lot of hard work and dedication.

Lessons I learnt in 2009

  • Blogging is a social event not a post or a blog, writing a post is only the start
  • Get your own domain
  • Learn enough HTML to break your site
  • Then go learn some more to fix it
  • Blogging is the disease and the cure – pour hours into your blog for little gain when you begin and soon you’ll be pouring hours into your blog for not much more gain
  • Write often
  • Write clearly
  • Involve your family and friends or suffer the consequences it’s tough out there on your own
  • Give what you hope to receive
  • Spend less time on design and more on content – no one ever said “well that was a life changing message, but can you believe that font, I’m never coming back here!”
  • Don’t be to proud to ask
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel
  • Social media is your friend
It wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t have regrets. ~William Thomas

Many of you are new and probably missed a lot of monetize so here’s a quick recap of 2009 on Monetize Your Life .

Top 5 posts by Unique visits

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  4. SEO – Your writing Should Engage Others
  5. Conquer your fear of success

Top 5 posts by comments

  1. SEO – Your writing Should Engage Others
  2. What’s more important what’s Right or getting caught
  3. Enjoy 60 Good Seconds with me – Beginner meditation in 60 seconds
  4. Using Evernote: How I process my Stuff
  5. Oh how I love Spam! Lessons on accepting what Is in your life

Top 5 blogs I read

With that I am now officially back from my end of year break will put the year that was to bed. Let’s Boldly go into 2010, where no one has gone before.

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~Bill Vaughan

Onward and upward.

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I’ve lost some of that reserve of energy I had. It is just so easy to be over run by the comfort and the routine but I’ve decided to stop. Yeah that’s right I’ve just decided to stop it in it’s tracks. That’s the beauty of it there are far more things in the world that will scare skid marks into your shorts than comfortable things. That’s probably why our minds hang onto those moments of comfort for so long, foregoing new experiences for the allure of unchanging blissful mediocrity.

If you want real and lasting change and deeply fulfilling life you’ve got to put yourself out there! You have to roll up your sleeves. I’ve learnt very little in my years on earth but I have learnt that fear exists only in your mind. Once you start with the doing your body gets involved very quickly catapults you through that layer of fear and excitement adrenaline and instinct take over. We are all survivors. We are all powerful. Thinking drains us of that power. Thinking stops us at the gate makes us doubt, makes us try when we should be doing. It makes us give up before when we’re moments from our goal.

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So you visited my site or another blog and would like to pop in more often and keep track of the content on the site. So you add the site as a bookmark and Bob’s your father’s brother. Except what if you wanted to be notified when new content is added or existing content is updated. Well you can by subscribing to the RSS feed but what the heck is an RSS feed?

What is RSS

RSS feeds are the answer to the modern internet. The internet is all grown up and with the growth of broadband across the planet we have as a planet access to more information faster than at any time in history. We are no longer limited by our technology but by time we have available. RSS feeds are a result of the change in the face of technology allowing content on the internet to change constantly. The internet as you know it will not be the same in 5 minutes time and has probably changed fairly drastically in the last 60 seconds. RSS feeds were designed with this in mind, the dynamic web a web in constant flux. A static bookmark is no longer sufficient for a website who may add and update content many times an hour. We need content as and when it changes RSS delivers your internet right to your browser in real time.

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RSS means Really Simple Syndication

The syndication bit simply means the delivery of media and the really simple is what RSS is.

Now you:

  • No Longer need to check for updates when a site is updated your RSS feed gets updated automatically
  • No longer need to navigate to each site you regularly read the content is right there when you open your RSS feed reader
  • Can receive breaking news as and when it happens
  • Drastically reduce the time you need to spend on the internet
  • Drastically increase the amount of media you can consume

I have included an additional video as well as text guides on how to use RSS feeds all of which are quite comprehensive, in the resources at the end of the post should anything still be unclear.

How to use RSS

  1. Get an RSS reader there are a plethora of RSS readers on the market for sale and for free I suggest starting with a free reader like Google Reader image
  2. Once you’ve found a RSS feed you’d like to subscribe to click on the RSS icon.image
  3. If there is a drop down select your reader if not you should see a screen similar to the one below where you’ll be able to choose your preferred RSS reader.image
  4. Go back to Google reader and you should see the latest posts from the RSS feed you’ve subscribed to in Google Reader


That is as they say is that. Rinse and repeat for every site RSS you’d like to add and a come back daily and keep track of your important sites as and when they change.

How to Use RSS Feeds More Resources:

Everything you need to know about RSS feeds and feed readers is included in the this guide on how to use RSS.

Internet: Useful Tips:
RSS In Plain English

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lighthouse Life is often seen as a journey, a long voyage through troubled seas. I disagree life is a a function of the company we keep. Every day our seas are ravaged by storms of adversity and strife. Many of us are caught in amongst swells being thrown about and generally feeling out of control of our vessels and our journey’s.

How do we arrest this and bring our lives under control? Simple, realize that this is just a metaphor, you don’t have to be the boat. Your life need not be out of control and better still you can make it your job to save more vessels in distress.

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