From the monthly archives: January 2011

I’ve had a ton of questions about the nsinvalidargumentexception error message from readers using Evernote on their iPod touch. I’ve had a scan around the web and essentially the nsinvalidargumentexception is an error message more common on the Mac OSX operating system indicating something is unhealthy in your program or runtime environment. Which is geek speak for “it’s broken”.
Receiving the nsinvalidargumentexception error message on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch during syncing seems to be the most common problem I’m seeing reports of around the web. Despite my best efforts to find out more there is very little information around about the nsinvalidargumentexception problem. Your best bet as it stands should you get the nsinvalidargumentexception when using Evernote on your iPhone or iPad is:

  • Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the Evernote iPhone or iPad application loaded
  • Should you have the newest version of the iPhone or iPad Evernote app and it’s still not working try completely uninstalling the application and re-installing it
  • If all else fails Contact Evernote support

Edit: After scanning the twitter I’ve noticed a few twitter users are reporting that uninstalling and then re-installing the application has fixed the  nsinvalidargumentexception problem on iPhones.

If anyone has had this nsinvalidargumentexception problem while using Evernote on their iPhone please let us know what’s worked for you to get your Evernote back up and running.

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