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  1. Great post! I must admit, I tried Evernote, and never really got hooked because it didn’t seem to offer anything more than a social bookmarking site. But I’m obviously not taking full advantage of everything it has to offer. I’ll give it another try.

  2. I’ve realised what I didn’t like was that all my web clippings lost their CSS and everything was in basic HTLM text and therefore not as appealing to read. Is there any way of keeping the format of web clippings?

  3. Your readers should know about ( It allows for the aggregation/webclipping side of things and also focuses on the sharing of this knowledge across social networks. The iPhone app, desktop client (for all platforms), LinkedIn, & Facebook are coming out in the next couple months and integration with Twitter already exists. It also doesn’t stop at web clippings, will soon include: email integration (syncs with emails and lets you flag the ones you want to keep directly to your knowledge base), learning management system integration (for students), and RSS feed integration. Group collaboration is also currently a part of its functionality.

    Because this online software has a “post it on the internet” option for any work you want to go public with, Incorporating your message into many different social networking sites such as memcatch increases the effectiveness of your marketing, and you will more easily be found by search engines.

  4. Hi Michael,

    This is the first time I actually understood what Evernote is used for, it sounds interesting. I never work offline and don’t pay much attention to anything in my RSS feed. I even need to remind myself to look at my own blog feeds once in awhile. LOL

    I did hear about Memcatch before but once again, not the offline capabilities. I need to look into both of these because my DSL connection goes down frequently.

    Thanks for the information, I enjoyed the read.
    .-= ileane´s last blog ..Fun Twitter Promotions for Your Blog =-.

    • Evernote really is an enormously useful application, especially if you’re using the pc app offline or the wap site. You just can’t put a price tag on having all your references and tools at hand online or off and a safe spot to save your priceless ideas when on the go. One additional thing I’ve started keeping in evernote which I haven’t updated on my list is a complete list of permalinks for my blog so I can add links when I write offline :) Glad this was useful

  5. Unfortunately not. I know for many this is a bit of a deal breaker, prior to evernote I was using a Fire fox plugin called Read it Later, and actually kept using it for awhile afterward. Ultimately I had to make decision between having all my info available and searchable versus using a different tool or a seperate tool to clip sites. Because I primarily consume blogs this was an easy decision. I generally just clip the text and preserve the link to the site for reference.

    A good plan may be to use an additional tool like read it later for those elements you’d like to save and keep with formatting preserved and possibly save the text elements in evernote or try one of these alternatives which have bet clipping but overall, in my opinion, less functionality.

    Yojimba and Devonthink spring to mind though neither of these have reasonably usable free versions.

    As annoying as not having the css is, for me personally, the advantage of having all my “stuff” in one place outweighs it.

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, feedback is always greatly appreciated. I’ve been experimenting with some new “higher-grade” uses for Evernote which I’ll give my thoughts on soon :)

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