SEO Writing: Your writing Should Engage Others

August 10, 2009
By Michael Fletcher


Ok now for a little rant. I have recently become genuinely annoyed with the state of the blogosphere. It seems the more I trawl the net the more I find smaller blogs bowing to pressure of Google and it’s fascist bots. Now I’ve only got a few posts up and I spend some time on SEO writing on all my posts just like everyone else but it’s not an obsession. If my content is good and  I keep at my strategy for getting my blog out there, good SEO writing or not,  people will show up and they’ll bring friends. I’m pretty sure I believe this.

A nice carcass metaphor



What’s the point of driving throngs to your site with great SEO writing strategies only for the crowds of people to arrive have a look round and realize, that after they’ve picked the meat from the carcass of your keyword riddled body they still feel distinctly unsatisfied.This is self defeating. You’re wasting your time and you’re wasting mine! Me and my SEO illiterate, keyword abhorring friends will leave your site never to return ever again. 

I believe and use the idea of SEO writing religiously

First and foremost for me SEO writing means my writing 


S hould 

E ngage/Entertain/Educate/Excite 

O ther (people) 

Pick your own ‘E’ word or any other letter I’m just illustrating a point here. The important bit here is other people. If you write content that entertains yourself, congratulations! You no longer need a television. The important thing is does, it entertain others. Is it useful to other human beings. If it’s not, you’re going to find it tough to go from a great SEO, high traffic, high bounce rate blog to a positively viral blog. Where readers arrive and for better or worse you’re stuck with them till a really offensive post you do part. 

SEO and SEO writing

SEO writing is the problem, not SEO in and of itself. SEO writing is the practice of dumping in a ton of keywords then trying to hang some content on to them after. Real SEO writing that drives conversion is a by-product of good focused content. See the difference? You need to write your post then go back with your SEO glasses and give it polish.  SEO writing for the sake of SEO writing is self defeating drivel. Unless you’re a poet write clearly and plainly. Fitting the word artichoke into a sentence because it Google friendly is just dumb, artichoke. When writing a post do your homework, find a topic people have an interest in, answer questions people are asking pimp your post. If it’s good meagre SEO will be enough. If it’s bad supercharging it’s SEO will only give you a much larger group of people reading a bad post and being less likely to return. 


Writing for people is transcendental

I enjoy writing for other people, nothing excites me as much as when I receive a reaction from a reader, when I’ve made a connection and somehow my words have stripped away the many thousands of miles between me and my reader. When my words have made irrelevant the differences in culture religion and beliefs and my ideas are laid bare. Keyword abuse in SEO writing strategies tend to strip away the value in all internet writing. Keywords drive hits and become a “SEO iron curtain” behind which good sense appears to have gone to sleep. These bots don’t care about my ideas which i quite frankly find condescending and and arrogant. I mean sure i can’t read millions of lines of text a day, but I can write mean things about bots, take that bot bastards! I refuse to spin any yarns for your pleasure. 


Bots are a fickle bunch

Impressing bots is a tough job. They’re a fickle bunch and as dense as your keywords may be i can make mine denser, really I can, don’t tempt me. The problem is, there is a point where traditional SEO writing just becomes comical. The bots giggle with glee as they promote these semi nonsensical posts to the top of heap for their relevance, knowing that over the long run they’ll be overhauled by the articles actually written for people. These articles gain authority. These articles are passed around, bookmarked and linked to. Ultimately great keyword use will only get you so far. If you want traffic build a rapport with your readers not a paint by numbers SEO writing strategy. 

Mannequin bots

Quality of traffic counts

Write about what you’re passionate about. Write to be understood by people. You may find less traffic but higher quality of traffic. Most every type of monetization works better when you have authority. When the reader is invested in your site and in awe of your knowledge they are more inclined to trust any offers you have on your site. When a reader lands at your site and feels that they’ve been duped with insincere SEO writing, fancy keywords and meta tags they’re more likely to think I’m not buying anything this sleazy ad serving, spammer is selling thank you very much. 

How to write Content that engages other people

  • Solve a problem for your readers
  • Turn a common problem on it’s head and give a different take on an old chestnut
  • Get annoyed about things that annoy your readers, like dodgy SEO writing (oh how I hate you)
  • Be a little controversial, play devils advocate now and then
  • Use comments from your readers as content for future posts (the comments will come in time)
  • If it sounds right but isn’t bot friendly go with what sounds right
  • Read your writing out loud no one likes a smarty pants make sure your language is natural

Bots never get picked first for dodge ball

Traditional SEO writing is a reality of the modern internet however with the advent of web 2.0 we are no longer completely at the mercy of the machinations of the search engines. As a result I suggest spending time building your networks and writing content that is useful to people. Bots don’t have friends and don’t click on ads. I kinda feel sorry for them sometimes. 

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23 Responses to “ SEO Writing: Your writing Should Engage Others ”

  1. Chris M says:

    Great post! SEO is not about keyword stuffing, it’s about conversion, which is what most people forget. Keep up the good articles, readers will come :)


  2. Robert Bravery says:

    I like it. Been saying this for a while. Your blog, article, website is all about your readers. You have to strike up a conversation, a relationship. It’s not about you. As ChrisM says, it’s not about Keyword stuffing.
    Too often SEO specialists worry too much about the Search engines and not about the readers.


  3. Robert Bravery says:

    @Chris M
    WEll said


  4. Thanks for leaving your mark. Google has made SEO and keyword placement a necessity but it has to, to my mind, complement good writing, not replace it. SEO professionals seem to be setting up sites with a turnstile at the front door leading straight out the back door of a lot of sites i visit. I’m almost inclined to advocate a good adword campaigns instead of bad/good SEO. Great content will give great conversion rates.


  5. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the web and for the words of encouragement.


  6. Gh Blogger says:

    Hi. You know, I have come to believe that the sure fire way to get the attention of the SEs is not through anything technical like SEO or keywords or anything. It is to make your blog ans the two reasons why people go online:- to get educated/informed and to be entertained. So if your blog is not ans any of these, then forget the SEs.


  7. I’m in full agreement, some SEO is always needed in order for your audience to find you but most of that falls into the realm of common sense. Once you’re found it’s important that you deliver to your reader if you want sustainable traffic.


  8. Alison Moore Smith says:

    Like it. For the most part, if you are actually writing ABOUT a topic, the appropriate keywords will already be there.

    I’m a public speaker and when I teach others about public speaking, I always say, “Do NOT get up and tell your audience what you are going to talk about. If they can’t tell just from listening to you, you need a better presentation, not a better introduction!”

    Same goes for blogging.

    That said, a basic understanding of how to get the searchers to find you is paramount.
    Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..6 Steps to Startup with WordPress: The Guide for the Wannabe Blogger My ComLuv Profile


    admin Reply:

    So true, the key for me in SEO like all things is sincerity. When you interact sincerely with others and make sure you’ve covered the basics you will find that the rest of it will happen organically.


  9. ileane says:

    Hi Michaeal,
    I’m starting to feel sorry for the bots too after reading this. Good observations here and I agree. Honestly, I don’t do any SEO or key word searches. I just write….
    ileane´s last blog ..Promote Your Blog With a Podcast My ComLuv Profile


    Michael Fletcher Reply:

    Indeed Ileane I think the one thing about social networks is that it’s freed us from the stranglehold the search engines had on us. We have some more freedom as we no longer have to pander to the bots. I really hope my no care attitude doesn’t rub off though, I’d hate to see bots getting laid off.

    Excuse the dead picture links, I had a huge problem a week back and had to switch hosting providers and have been trying to put my site back together again from and incomplete back up :(


  10. ileane says:

    Michael, no worries about the images. I have a very vivid imagination.
    ileane´s last blog ..Fun Twitter Promotions for Your Blog My ComLuv Profile



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